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60 000 €

One game company business

Selling already finished one game company business. One game (Destiny of Jonathan: Maze of Salala), related code for it and all material used to the game. There's also second game which was never released. Game is 3d roleplaying game, which was first made to linux and then windows version for it was made. Game is one player game same kind of like microsoft's dungeon siege, but because of limited resources a lot smaller. It takes something about 7-8 hours to play (if knows what to do). In the game there is option to be fighter, archer or mage. Or combination of these. Game uses DSL interface, which is free. Game has it's own routine for 3d rendering, but also other version of it uses opengl. Game does not use any libraries for it's physics so it is by our own. The programming is made by using C -language. In the first game lines in the code is something about 50000/45000 lines when game uses our own 3d routine or opengl. Deal also includes 3dtool named software and uses gtk/gdk interface. It is used to do 3d levels/objects specific to game. It is not fancy but it works. There's no webpages anymore so if you want to know more about game/code/something contact (There is for example couple of videos which maybe should be sent or acquired elsewhere.)
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