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Zocalo - Master Franchisee

About Zócalo franchise Zócalo is a multi-award-winning Mexican food restaurant cooking delicious meals from scratch using carefully selected ingredients. We currently operate 16 restaurants across Sweden and Denmark and as a result of our success, we are now expanding across Europe, giving people a traditional taste of Mexico! We have master franchisees in the UK and Ireland and we will open our first restaurants in London and Ireland in the fall of 2023. Our business is based on honesty, openness, simplicity, and quality. We are always looking to innovate our menu and provide a memorable experience for our guests. Zócalo’s customers are guaranteed a flavourful meal every time, whether they choose burrito bowls, quesadillas, nachos, or tacos! Our menu caters to everyone, we have extremely popular vegetarian and vegan options available too. Zócalo is more than just food, it’s a whole Mexican experience! We offer a carefully selected range of Mexican beers, along with traditional Mexican cocktails including our signature margarita. We are all about having fun and uniting people over fantastic food and drinks. The Zócalo Opportunity Zócalo offers a proven franchise concept. We have operated Mexican Fast Food restaurants since 2002. Everything from food preparations to marketing is a part of our franchise offering. To our franchisees we offer great online support as well as face-to-face support and regular visits to their restaurants. We use the latest modern technology. All our ordering, inventory and quality controls are done in a modern online system. Our franchisees have access to an online report system with up to the minute sales and labor costs. For our guests we offer a modern app in which they can order and pay ahead of visiting the restaurant. All online orders come up immediately on our kitchen displays and are handled alongside orders from within the restaurant. We also offer kiosks for high-volume restaurants where the customer can order and pay instead of using the regular cash registers. PARTNER PROFILE Zócalo is looking for a multi-unit Franchisees for Finland with the possibility of Master franchise rights for Finland in the future. We are looking for a partner with experience of owning and operating restaurants in Finland. PARTNER PACKAGE We at Zócalo have over 15 years of experience in opening and operating Mexican fast food restaurants. Zócalo will provide the following support: • Help with evaluating possible locations • All designs and specifications for a new restaurant • Online franchise manuals for all operations • Access to quality control systems, and online reporting system with up-to-the-minute information about sales and labor costs. • All training materials and operational handbooks translated in English and Finnish. • Ongoing support on-site and online. • Marketing materials. KEY FIGURES PER UNIT How much is the initial franchise fee (or similar) for one unit? 10 000€ How much is the total investment (in average) for one unit? 150.000-200.000€ How much are ongoing franchise/license fees/royalties? 6-8% Are there any other fees (e.g. marketing fee)? 2% What is the level of average turnover (at mature stage) of one unit?600.000-1.000.000€ What is the average number of employees per one unit? 5-10 KEY FIGURES FOR FINLAND How many units are you looking to open in Finland? 1-4 How much is the territory fee for the rights for Finland? 50 000€ How much is the evaluated amount of capital needed to start the business operations in Finland? 500 000€ How much are ongoing franchise/license fees/royalties for Master franchisee (or similar)? 4%
Koko Suomi
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